Grrrr… Frustrating Week

This past week has been frustrating for a few things. Don’t know the best way to put it, but half way into the week, it just seemed like everyone just wasn’t getting along. I think it started on Wednesday. Cause of events on Wednesday, me and Glad gave in and brought a pack of smokes. Felt really bad for going out to buy a pack. Oh well, shit happens.

Thursday was Glad’s mom 50th birthday. She hung out with her mom during the day. I ran the kids on up to Evanston. Kids had Thursday, Friday, and Monday off from school for spring break. That evening when I got back, we took Glad’s mom out to eat at Applebees. That was nice and yummy.

Friday was alright, between a few people I got really frustrated, and guess what? Yup brought another pack of smokes Friday night. Went on up to Evanston to pick up the boys and bring them to Layton (to Justine’s). Jayden wanted to stay for longer, Val said she would bring them back. So he ended up staying. The biggest reason why I went up there was to get James, so he could have a sleep over. Well the sleep over never happened. But James was wanting to hang out with Justine for the weekend. Granted the drive was long. From Orem up to Evanston (100 miles), then down to Bountiful (Justine wanted me to drop em off there), and then finally back home in Taylorsville. I think it was 200 miles. 3 1/2 hours of driving if I remember right. Left work at 5:30pm, and didn’t get home till after 10pm. When I got back home, Glad had some coworkers over. We mainly just bullshitted, drank, and played Sorry.

We also moved the computer desk from the living room, back into the bedroom. We hope to get a kitchen table, so that’s mainly why we put the computer desk back in the bedroom. Us eating in front of the TV is getting old. Not too bad when it’s just me and Glad. But with the kids, it’s getting old. I still need to clean up that area, got shit all over the place where the computer used to be. Oh yeah, Tuesday night we had Jim come over for a bit.

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