Spring Time

I’m totally loving the weather today, and the whole week is suppose to be great. I want to get some fishing done this week. I hope to take the boat on up East Canyon this week. I read that fishing is really good up there right now. I’m planning for either Wednesday or Thursday. I’ve got other junk I need to do this week also. Doctor appointment Tuesday afternoon. Plan on getting the car inspected Tuesday morning also. My car registration is due this month. I’ll be surprised if my car passes inspection. The tires on my car look far from great, and don’t think it will pass. If it doesn’t pass, I’ll just grab some used tires. Too poor to fork out money for new tires. I need to get around to flushing my radiator on my car, along with the serpentine belt. Not sure if I’ll get around to that this week.

The past week = BLAH!!! I would rather forget about it, so I’m not going to talk about it. HA!!

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