Crazy Week, Lots of Movies

Seen abunch of movies over the past week. Tuesday Megan came over which was good. We all went to the Vibrator show. Had an awesome time, but the music was a disappointment. The lead singer/guitar player wasn’t there. So the vocals were shared between the bass, and the drummer. Then they had some new guy on the guitar. Disappointment, yes. Damn good time, yes.

Wow for movies I’ve watched over the past week.

The Wrestler: Awesome, really enjoyed the movie.

The Reader: Still not sure about this movie. I would say that I enjoyed it. I guess it’s worth watching.

The Uninvited: It was entertaining. Not sure about the ending. But I wouldn’t say it was good.

Baghead: -yawn- Something about it, that I enjoyed. What that was, I don’t know. Cause it sounds like a lame movie, and was to a point.

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