Long Last Week…

It was long as in getting alot of stuff done this past week. Well maybe not alot of stuff done, but just busy. Ended up doing alot of driving, but that’s okay with me. Tuesday went on up to Evanston to buy a gun. Purchased a used Hi-Point C9 9mm handgun. Purchased it for $75 bucks. Popped off about 50 rounds while I was up there. Had some issues with it, and may have to send it on into Hi-Point. But hey $75 bucks, lifetime no question asked warranty, and it had about 200 rounds put thur it before me. Can’t go wrong there. Brand new, they go for about 150-200 bucks. It was nice seeing the inlaws while I was up there.

Me, Glad, and Ben went on down to Richfield/Marysville to visit Jacob on Wednesday. He has a new baby, so of course we had to visit. Pictures are in the gallery of the trip. Dad was nice enough to pick up the kiddies from my house when he got off work. I didn’t make it home till after 11pm. It was a long day, but it was nice to get out of SLC. I don’t see enough of Jacob. I’ve only visited him one other time since he has moved down south.

Thursday was just a blah day if I remember right. Wow, I totally don’t remember much about Thursday. Ahhhh, it’s been a long day. Friday was a shitty day at work, which I don’t want to get into the details of. So I said ‘fuck it’, and took Saturday off from work. Decided that going fishing sounded much better than work. Fishing was good, caught only one small trout. Afterwards, I did some cleaning, and brought stuff for a nice dinner. I was excited to cook Glad up a nice dinner, but she came home, and went to bed. grrrrrr. That kinda pissed me off. But I guess she wasn’t feeling good.

She did end up getting out of bed, and we watched, Miracle at St. Anna. That movie was alright. It was long, and far from anything special.

I ended up getting my concealed gun permit last Saturday. This upcoming Thursday will be 2 weeks of not smoking for me. Which I guess is good, but I still miss smoking. I gained about 5lbs since I’ve quit smoking which really sucks. But whatever…

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