Awesome 5 Day Weekend….

Awesome 5 Day Weekend....

I had Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday off from work. Had a great week.

Monday after work started off me rushing home, getting ready for the show. Me, Glad, and Megan cruised on down to Club Sound to catch Lower Class Brats, and Vice Squad. Had a blast at the show. Lots of booze, old faces, and drunken good times. Glad was so trashed she ended up falling out of the car when we got home. Me and Megan stayed up till about 3 drinking and bullshitting.

Tuesday, I ran Glad on up to her part time job, and picked her up. Ben called and wanted me to head on down to the recording studio. That was good drunken times also. We then went on over to Burts for more beer and music. The local band sucked, the touring band wasn’t too bad. There was maybe 10-15 people at the bar. Really empty, but had good times with my brother.

Wednesday from what I remember was a mellow day, along with Thursday also from what I remember. Thursday we did end up watching Frozen River. Glad hated it, and thought it was stupid. I thought it was okay, and could have been better. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I paid more attention to the movie.

Friday started off with me getting up at 4am to be over at Jim at 4:30am. I was running slow and didn’t get there till about 4:45am. Loaded his boat up on top of his truck, and off we went to Strawberry Res. Fishing for the most part was slow. I did manage to catch a 15″ cutt, along with a 18″. Had to throw back the 18″ due to the slow limit. Both fish fought hard, and was nice and fat. I had a good time fishing with Jim, wish I had the money/time to go fishing with him more often. Didn’t get back home till about 12:45pm. Cleaned the fished jumped in the shower and then we were off to the dollar movies.

Me, Glad, Ben, and Dad all went to go see Drag Me to Hell. I thought it was a fun silly movie, it was worth the $1.25 for the movie. It was more fun hanging out with the fam, and getting my dad out of the house.

Friday night we then had Chris, his gf, Jim, Ben, and Val over. Chris brought over his Wii, so we played that, bullshitted, and had a few drinks.

Saturday we had a lazy morning, and didn’t eat breakfast till noon. We then went to the Magna park for a short time for birthday party. We basically showed up, gave a gift and took off. We then went on up to Evanston. Went up there for a BBQ, pick up the kiddies, shooting, and fireworks. I must Evanston is a crazy place when it comes to July 4th. The food was great, fireworks were great, etc. Just all around had a good time. The only problem I had was when we went shooting, my dumbass decided not to wear ear plugs. It wasn’t bad till I shot the .357 a few times. Needless to say, 24 hours later my ears are still ringing. Ahhh, hearing loss at it’s finest. Getting home at 12:30am or something like that wasn’t much fun either, since I had to get up at 6:30. But it was well worth it. Had a great time all week for the most part.

I work today, tomorrow, and then I have another 3 days off from work. Had to have another great week.

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