Been Too Busy….

to keep this darn thing updated. Last Saturday, we went on up to Lagoon for a family reunion. Had a good fun time there. Jayden and James both wussed out when it came to alot of the rides. Me and Glad didn’t let that slow us down, and rode abunch of the rides. Yesterday, I went on up to Evanston to fixed the inlaws computer. That was nice to hang out with Val and Becky for a bit. We had Val Crum, and Ben over Tuesday night for dinner and to hang out. That was a fun to have them over. Wednesday morning Me, Glad, and the kids went to go see Transformers. I wasn’t impressed. I thought it was a boring movie, sure some of the action scenes were fun, but was just boring. Acting, plot, story, etc was just weak. Work has been very busy this past week.

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