Take the Good with the Bad….

Take the Good with the Bad....

This past week had some good points. Besides Glad getting pissed at me, and twisting my words around. It had some good points, and would rather focus on that, than the negative.

Wednesday we had Megan and Jim over. We bbq up some mighty fine chicken, and played board games. Jim left around 11:30ish, Glad was in bed around 1. Me and Megan stayed up till 4:30am just bullshitting. Don’t remember the last time I was up that late just bullshitting the night away. I do remember the last time I was at up 4:30am.

Last night, me, Glad, and Jim went over to Emilho last night for his bday party. We didn’t stay over there too late, but had a few drinks, bullshitted, and then Jim drove our drunken ass’s home. It was nice for a change. Usually we just sit at home and not do jack shit.

Glad is talking about going to school to be a pharmacy tech. I turned in a job application this past week, looking for part time work. I think I’m gonna turn in a few more job apps this next week.

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