Great Drunken Time Last Night

I had a great time last at the show. Me, Glad, and Megan went to club vegas to see DI, Fear, Agent Orange, and Total Chaos. I had a great time at the show. We drank watermelon flavored volka with 7up soda before the show. Drank more when we got there. Then of course at the show. Parts I don’t even remember from being so drunk. Glad left after about a hour or so due to not feeling so good. She went back out to Magna to pick up the kids then went home. Then picked us up after the show. Between tons of people, and making a fool of myself I had a great time. I guess I tried leaving the bar with a beer in my hand. When security tried to stop me, I didn’t understand why. Hahaha!!! I remember other things also where I made a fool of myself. Ahhh good drunken times.

Right now I’m at the swimming pool with Jayden and his friend. Not sure what is in store for me tomorrow.

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