So yeah about the car. I got a 2006 Tord Taurus. The engine is a V-6 3.0 Vulcan which only puts out around 150hp. Really weak for a V-6. Appears to be an old design, doesn’t have a OHC (over head cam). Appears to have cheap parts, and cheaply put together. I’m hoping they went with an old fashion engine, just cause it’s good. I did some research afterwards. Yeah, I should have before hand. But the car appears have have a good crash rating, and good car from the reviews that I read. It’s not as loaded as some of the Taurus’s out there. But it has cruise, ABS, leather, sunroof, anti dimming rear view mirror, alarm, power windows/locks, along with more junk. We went to the Honda dealership. Cause of the situation we were in, they were able to work us into that. Certain things pissed me off about the whole thing. Everytime I’ve gone to a dealership to buy a car. It feels like I’m grabbing my ankles. I do like the way it drives, rides really smooth and nice. Oh yeah, the car has 16k miles on it, and Maroon in color.

I’ve been pretty sick the past few days. Really sucks, got this whole headcold, snot flying everything crap. I’ve missed 2 days already from work, afraid that it’s gonna be a third day. I’m now out of sick time at my full time job. Policy I believe is, no sick time, you can’t call in sick. We are given all of our sick time up front. So i’ve gotten drag my butt into work for the rest of the year.

If you haven’t noticed. Gas prices are insane. Granted SLC has some of the cheapest in the country. But they are still nuts. Prices are floating around 2.60 a gallon. So many people and things to point fingers at for the reason for the prices. Tree hugging hippies along with Bush. Why haven’t we started drilling in AK. Granted, be a shame to drill in AK. But when push comes to shove, something has to give. Something is just wrong with us getting oil from countries that hate our guts.

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