Waiting here, Waiting on Glad

Outside of Glad’s work picking her up since her car is still broken. Highlight of the week was going to see Star Trek with Ben and James. Movie was decent and enjoyable. Glad was working, or she would have went. That was Tuesday night.

Wednesday was a boring day and nothing too exciting. Jim did come over for some Cribbage. He was only over for maybe 2 hours.

Today was boring also. Far from anything too exciting. We did have too run around like chickens with our heads cut off for a bit today.

Tomorrow I hope to make it to the bar to see Corvid (Bens newer band) play. But money is tight so who knows what will happen.

I’m trying to do the whole non smoking thing again. My quit date is Sunday Sept 13th. I’m not excited to get up at 5:30 for work in the morning.

I’m hoping for a slow weekend at work, with it being Labor Day weekend and all. I have Labor Day off from work. No big plans, just a bbq at my parents place. Sunday night were having a few people over for Glad birthday. Her birthday is Tuesday technically.

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