Finally Did It…

Finally Did It...

I finally got around to rooting my G1 phone. I must say, that I’m happy with it. I want to tweak the swap memory a bit more, but I’m really happy with it so far. I ended up doing that Tuesday while Glad was cleaning Sue’s house. Tuesday night, I went on out with Jim to Batter’s Up for some pool and beer.

Highlight for Wednesday was taking the kids on up to Evanston for the weekend. They have Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Monday off from school. I can’t believe all the days off they get from school. Me and Glad were debating on going to Club Vegas that night. After the trip up to Evanston, lack of funds, we decided to stay home. Wednesday we had a winter storm come thur. It was nice for a change. No snow in the valley, just tons of rain, winds, and cooler temps. We did run into snow in Evanston.

Thursday was a very lazy day, and mostly stayed at home. We did have some running around to do, which took us less than a hour to do. We have been watching a lot of Heroes off of Netflix. Have the Laptop connected to the big TV.

Anyway, time for me to head on home.

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