Wow, James Dean Turned 13 This Week…

Wow, James Dean Turned 13 This Week...

This past week was alright. James turned 13 this past Thursday. We went on over to my parents for a small birthday party. Mom made dinner, and we brought the cake over.

Sunday after work, I went to go play pool with Megan. That was fun and enjoyable. That’s one thing I really wished I had the money, and the room for was a pool table.

I think on Wednesday me and Glad went to go see The Hangover. I thought it was damn funny. Friday night, Ben went with me to drop the kids off up in Layton. Afterwards we hung out with for a bit and went to Noodles and Co for dinner. Tuesday, we got a new kitten. Justine’s cat had a bunch of kittens a couple months back. Ben surprised Val with 2 kittens, and I surprised Glad with another kitten.

Anyway, there you go. Quick simple update. Oh yeah, I’m still struck on the silly truck driving idea.

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