I guess it was an alright week….

I guess it was an alright week....

Tuesday night I was able to talk Glad into the whole Wendover thing. We didn’t leave SLC till I’m guessing after 8:30 pm. Got there around 10, got our free room. Relaxed for a few, and then went to play. Played from about 10:30 till 11:30 or so, and it costed Glad 5 bucks. I ended up breaking even. Took a break for a bit grabbed some food. I then went back out to play from about 1am till 2:30am. I ended up loosing 20 bucks. At one point, I had my 20 bucks that I sat down with up to about 60 bucks. Nothing amazing. I’m sure I could have played for longer on that 20 bucks, but knew I wasn’t gonna go back to the room till it was gone. Had a good nice trip, and enjoyed it. The whole Wendover trip ended up costing about 60 bucks. That’s including gas, room, food, gambling, etc. Jessica was nice enough to watch Jayden for the night. James went on over to Ben’s place for the night.

Ended up watching Observe and Report Wednesday night. I thought it was pretty funny, nothing amazing by any means. But I enjoyed it. Thursday me and Glad ended up watching Star Trek. For what it was, I thought it was a good fun movie. Different for a Star Trek movie, but I enjoyed it.

Thursday afternoon we had PTC (Parent Teacher Conf) for Jayden. Needless to say Jayden is doing HORRIBLE in school. Which led to a whole can of worms, which led to WW3.

Next week is Thanksgiving. I plan on going over to my Grandma’s for Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve got Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off from work. Kinda excited for that. I’m soooooo not ready for Christmas this year.

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