The Past Week…..

The Past Week.....

This past week was a busy week with doctor appointments. Tuesday, James had a dentist appointment. Wednesday was the doc appointment for tonsil removal. Kids get there tonsil ripped out on the 29th. Thursday was an appointment for their meds.

For other highlights I fixed my broken windshield washer fluid issue. The hose broke in half that goes from the reservoir to the nozzle. I fixed it with a .16 cent hose from Lowes. That made me excited.

Thursday night, and Friday was very stressful.

Friday night after work, I picked up Glad from work out in West Valley. Then got her check cashed, and then went to the dollar store. Left work at 6pm, and didn’t get home till after 8. Got the kids ready, and hauled them on up to Evanston for the week. The kids are out of school for the next 2 weeks for the xmas break.

This next week no major plans. Going to my parents xmas eve/xmas morning. Tuesday I plan on donating some plasma. I really need the extra money. Hope to donate some plasma Wednesday and Thrusday also.

Anyway…..Till next time.

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