It’s Already 2010???

It's Already 2010???

I can’t believe it’s already 2010. The years just keep flying by. This fall will make 5 years at work, which just blows my mind. With how crappy everything has gotten here at work over the past year. I still enjoy my job for the most part.

This past Thursday I took the kids on up to Evanston Thursday for NYE with the grandparents. Me and Glad went on over to Bobby’s place. Had a good time over there. It was nice to see old friends, and make new friends.

My car/battery has been acting odd recently over the past few months. Took it to Auto Zone on my way home from work yesterday. They said the battery was dead, so I replaced the battery. Since the battery was less than 2 years old, I got a few replacement. Can’t go wrong there. I think it took care of my problem. I was afraid it was my alternator that was going bad. The voltage would jump over all the place while driving, from 13 volts up to 16 volts.

Don’t really have new plans for the new year. I do want to quit smoking, and try my hardest to get Supervisor here at work. That’s really my only goals. Anyway, back to work I go.

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