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From thus past weekend in Evanston.





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I hate it when my mind into goes into ‘overload’, due to too much thinking and worrying.

Yup EPIC!!!!

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Yup EPIC!!!!

Yup, started this past week on a great note. The way home Thursday evening after work, Verio called me and offered me the job. It put a big ass grin on my face, and was very happy. Angela then came over, and she took me out to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. Just an awesome night in general, along with a great way to start the weekend. I’m very excited to start a week from today as an Unix System Admin for Verio.

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So excited, but yet so nervous for Monday. I’m sure I’ll do a kick ass job, just hopefully a good enough.

Protected: Here We Go Again…..

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Weekend was alright. Friday night after I dropped off James. Me and Angela went to dinner up in Layton. That was fun, and enjoyable. Afterward dinner, we went on over to Jim’s for some poker. That was alright, nothing amazing. I think I’m gonna hold off on poker for a week or two. Starting to get burnt out on it again. Saturday was a lame day also. I guess it wasn’t too bad. Did racquetball in the morning with Jim. Then hung out with Ben in the evening. Did some running around with him, and went to Burts to see a few bands play. That wasn’t anything too amazing. Sunday was lame from what I remember. I didn’t have work yesterday. Watched some episodes of Big Love, and watched The Fighter last night with James.

This Got Me….

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To Smile….

Funny shit, well I thought at the time anyway.

So Far…..

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There was about a 1/2 hour of goodness, but FUCK EVERYTHING ELSE!!! Oh yeah, FUCK STUPID PEOPLE TOO!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRR!!!!!

Really Hope…

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I’m not getting my hopes for a good weekend for nothing. Have some plans that should be really fun. We’ll see how it goes, but I’m gonna do my best to have a good productive weekend. My morning tomorrow is gonna be busy. Not looking forward to that, but it’ll be nice to get the important needed stuff done.

The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead

So about over the past week, me and James have been watching The Walking Dead. We both loved this show. It’s a shame that they only had 6 episodes in season 1. Look like I’ve got to wait till next fall for Season 2. Just a good series that me and James both loved.

Sunday afternoon me, Angela, Ben, and Mandi went to go see Sucker Punch. It wasn’t a bad show, just wish the story was better. I did enjoy it, and had a good time watching it. I think Ben, Mandi, and Angela enjoyed it more than I did.

I’m getting excited for warm weather. I really want to get out and do some camping, fishing, etc. I”m even more excited for my Vegas trip. So damn excited, just hope I can save up the money for it. Knowing my luck, something will come up, and screw everything up.